Fruits & Vegetables

How long should we be storing our food?

Ever wondered if that zip lock bag of frozen peas sitting in your freezer for the past six months is still good food? Turns out, it just might be. I recently wrote about an experiment I did in visualising historical agricultural prices in Trinidad & Tobago. I had briefly touched on an article I had […]


Trinidad & Tobago Agriculture Average Yearly Prices

I decided to rework the historical agricultural prices graph I did a few weeks ago and re-purpose it to display the yearly average price of agriculture items in Trinidad & Tobago. You can visit the interactive graph and select from over 50+ items in the list to see the average yearly prices since 2006. The data […]

Coconut Problems In the Caribbean

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend; her parents had recently made a trip to Trinidad & Tobago, as they often do. I asked her about their trip and she replied with the often heard “lots of rain, weather is hot, crime is everywhere”; I said “yeah, that about sounds right”; then she said […]

Trinidad & Tobago Historical Agricultural Prices

It goes without saying that the price of everyday items in Trinidad & Tobago is fairly expensive; especially for 20% of Trinidad & Tobago’s population, who live below the poverty line. With 1,218,208 people living in Trinidad & Tobago, that’s roughly 260,000 people who struggle to make ends meet (The World Factbook). In one of my […]

Play whe results notifications web app

Receive notifications for play whe results, without the need to download an app. Play whe results notifications demonstrates what a progressive web app (PWA) is, what it can do, and its potential to develop apps on devices. What exactly is a progressive web app (PWA)? PWA (in its most basic definition) is a combination of […]


Diabetes Heatmap of Trinidad & Tobago

In my last blog post I shared some statistical information on diabetes in Trinidad & Tobago. This data came from the cso.gov.tt, which I had requested a few weeks ago. Most of you who read my blog already know that I’m fascinated with data visualisation, especially visualising data in Trinidad & Tobago. Aside from making the […]

Diabetes Statistics for Trinidad & Tobago

I my last blog post I wrote about diabetes in Trinidad & Tobago and tried to go a little in-depth into the history of diabetes in Trinidad & Tobago. I recently contacted the cso.gov.tt requesting information on diabetes; someone contacted me and was kind enough to send me a document with data from 2011 containing statistical information […]

Diabetes affecting 148,822 Trinidadians

Diabetes is on the rise in Trinidad & Tobago and people aren’t taking it seriously enough. This is quite worrisome, because chances are you know several people who have it. There’s been some noise about diabetes in Trinidad & Tobago. A quick Google search presented a few news articles and a couple of organisations, but […]


Twitter API: Retrieve User Timeline & Group Threaded Tweets

In a previous article I wrote about creating and registering a new twitter application. Creating applications on Twitter provides us with keys and tokens, that we may use to create requests in which we retrieve or post data to Twitter accounts, using the Twitter API. Aggregating Tweets from various public sources is an excellent way to […]

Twitter: Registering and Creating a new Application

Creating a new Twitter application requires several important steps. First we must register a new application, after the registration is complete we are provided connection keys, which we use to connect to the Twitter API. Once we are connected to the API we can retrieve or post information, depending on how we setup our application. In this […]

Google: Search Console Beta Rickrolled Me

Anyone familiar with the old search console knows that manually adding each URL or even digging through the links to find the “Resubmit Sitemap” button can be tedious. I recently logged into the Google Search Console Beta and noticed a new link on the left labelled “Re-crawl Now”. I thought “oh wow, finally I can […]